We are a leading corporate lawyers in India, corporate lawyers in Hyderabad, We developed a high specialization in the field of corporate law. Our Corporate Lawyers are a professional group of very experienced and qualified lawyers.

We offer effective services to our clients by combining broad knowledge of corporate law matters with experience. With the ability to identify issues and develop real-time, practical solutions to a wide variety of client concerns, we ensure complete clients satisfaction. We always support our clients in critical solutions with the skill and experience within the group. We understand different business challenges and the associated legal issues, we always focus on our clients to successfully meet ongoing challenges and upcoming opportunities. We help business owners, management teams and shareholders involved in making the decisions that help in their success. We offer result oriented service and efficient implementation of corporate dealings.

AEQUITASJURIS have well Experienced Corporate Lawyers in Hyderabad, Corporate Lawyers in India who are Specialized in Corporate and Commercial Laws. The Corporate team employed at our end consists of experienced lawyers and advisers who collaborate their broad knowledge of Corporate Laws with various key sub-disciplines to provide better services. We Deal with every Issues and Disputes regarding the Corporate and Commercial Problems, and also we are into Disputes relates to internal management and all other incidental matters and litigation's related to the Companies registered under the companies Act & ETC. We solve all the Corporate Disputes and Commercial Issues all over the India.Our Law Firm consists of the top Most Senior and Specialized Corporate Lawyers In India.

Our Practise areas :

  • Corporate and Commercial Laws.
  • Domestic Arbitration & International Arbitration.
  • Insurance Claim including Motor Accident Insurance Claim , Marine, Medical and health, Personal, Firemen, Workmen Insurance.
  • Property comprised of land and the buildings, Land including non agricultural lands, Agricultural lands, livestock, water and minerals.
  • We are specialized for Criminal litigation and represent in numerous courts of India.
  • Comprehensive, reliable solutions and services in marriage disputes.
  • Taxation - Income tax.
  • Commercial law disputes deal with contract that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales.
  • Election dispute includes questioning the validly of any Election including the local bodies.
  • Computer crime, Cyber Crime, e-crime, hi-tech crime or electronic crime.
  • Identifying and securing intellectual property via trademarks, patents and copyright protection.
  • Creating business financing strategies.
  • We provide advice for ongoing business needs and transactions.
  • Distributorships, Sales agreements.
  • Stockholders buy-sell agreements.
  • Franchise agreements.
  • Intellectual property and license agreements.
  • Outsourcing agreements.
  • Trade practices.
  • And all other incidental matters, disputes, and litigations related to the Companies registered under the companies Act.