Banking Law A dispute with a bank on a loan is a common issue. Any loan, whether it be, commercial, industrial, Educational, Personal, Car or Housing, on credit card involves a lot of technicalities and often disputes and misunderstanding occur.

Banks are the financial institutions which accept deposits from the people and give loans to the needy people for the purpose of consumption or investment. The banks which accept deposits and lend money to the people for consumption or for investment purpose. The banks perform all kinds of banking business. Since these banks normally advance short-term loans medium-term and long-term lending to the businessmen and traders. Majority of the commercial banks are in the public sector. Banking laws are basically controlled by various kinds of RBI guidelines and notifications issued from time to time. Banking laws are very important from the point of view of debt repayment, debt restructuring, and debt recovery.

Banking Finance is most important for establishment of any company, Industry, purchasing house, purchasing car, purchasing commercial property etc, i.e without loan from a bank or financial intuition it very difficult to develop to start business, industry or to develop the business etc

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AequitasJuris Law LLP vide legal services on all kinds of bank loans, corporate loans, restructuring, pre closure deferred payment issues, NPA settlements, revivals, debt restructuring, interest reduction, take over arrangements from Banks, private sources. We also provide our legal services pertaining to documentation, registration, release, etc. Determination of the OD limits, restructuring of bank loans, transferring of the bank loans, settlement of the interest rates etc.

AequitasJuris Law LLP give all kinds of advises pertaining to the mortgages, documentation, negotiations, mortgage disputes, release disputes, Mortgages, collateral securities and other securities.


  • All kinds of litigation before the Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRT), Appeal at Debt Recovery Tribunals (ADRT), Banking tribunal matters, Securitization Act( SARFASI ) Act matters ,auction purchase matters, liquidation of loan matters contesting and defending cases, challenging the orders passed by the banks under SARFASI Act for taking possession of the property through the court of the magistrates.
  • Commercial lending disputes.
  • Failure by the bank to abide by contractual obligations.
  • Disputes over property repossession or foreclosures by the bank.
  • Disputes concerning the amount of money that should be in a particular account.
  • Disputes over claims of fraudulent activity on the customer's account.
  • Recovery of the loan by using recovery agents.
  • Illegal seizures.
  • Sale by financial institution/Bank Auction by financial institution/Bank.
  • Commercial loan facility litigation - property finance, acquisition finance, asset finance.
  • Inter-bank disputes - syndicated loan disputes, derivatives trading mismatches.
  • Financial fraud and anti-money laundering - emergency reaction, asset preservation and tracing, criminal/regulatory investigations.
  • Lender claims - bank claims against professionals.
  • Distressed debt - insolvency litigation and loan/security recovery.
  • Defending and instituting debt recovery cases before various courts.
  • and all types of banking cases.