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Higher Judiciary Must Take Initiative To Conclude Cases Faster, Says President

India’s Big Job Creating Industry Is Dying A Slow Death To Fix The Exports Slowdown, Audit What India Imports, And Why Why HUL Is Yet To Reduce Detergent Prices After GST Rate Cut Setting The Stage To Take India’s NPA Problem To Its Logical Endgame The Unintended Consequences Of The IBC Ordinance The higher judiciary should play the role of mentor to help the lower courts dispose of cases faster, President of India Ram Nath Kovind said at the Constitution Day celebrations in New Delhi. The burden is perhaps the greatest on the higher judiciary, the President said while inaugurating the function organised by the Supreme Court. “It is for the high courts must urge subordinate courts to be more efficient and conclude cases faster,” he added. The Constitution is not just an abstract ideal. It has to be made meaningful to the lives of ordinary people in every street, every village and every mohalla of our country. It has to somehow connect with their everyday existence and make it more comfortable. Ram Nath Kovind, President The President also stressed on the need to maintain balance of power between the three pillars of the Constitution and ensure the trust of the public remains intact. “They should all be conscious of their liberty and strive to protect their autonomy. And yet, they should be careful not to disturb the fraternity of the separation of powers,” he said. He said the Constitution is “not static but is a living document” and the sobriety and discretion in communication between these three branches of the state is advisable. This will promote and enhance fraternity between three equal branches of the state, all of which have a certain responsibility to the Constitution. It will also reassure the ordinary citizen that the Constitution is safe - and in mature hands. Ram Nath Kovind, President


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