AequitasJuris Law Firm is the leading Banking law firm India. A dispute with a bank on a loan is a common issue. Any loan, whether it be, commercial, industrial, Educational, Personal, Car or Housing, on credit card involves a lot of technicalities and often disputes and misunderstanding occur.

Banking Finance is most important for establishment of any company, Industry, purchasing house, purchasing car, purchasing commercial property etc, i.e without loan from a bank or financial intuition it very difficult to develop to start business, industry or to develop the business etc.

AequitasJuris Law Firm advises Domestic and International financial companies, Institutions and Banks including non-banking financial companies on securitization laws, securities, derivatives, restructuring, banking and insolvency, asset finance, project finance and insurance. We have well Experienced and Professional Lawyers. We have been representing various banks and financial institutions in dealing with high value, and complex debt finance transactions including structured finance, debt restructuring, project finance and PPPs, etc

Our firm Banking lawyers in India and Banking lawyers In Hyderabad will do legal audit of tile documents and other documents to the banks.

Contact us today for our assistance and advice in resolving all disputes with bank or any financial institutions pertaining to

  • Legal audit of title dcuments.
  • Recovery.
  • Charging of Heavy Interest.
  • Recovery using recovery agents.
  • Illegal seizures.
  • Recovery pursuant to the proceedings of Securitization Act etc.
  • Sale by financial institution/Bank Auction by financial institution/Bank.